DSC03151This is us last night.  ‘White party’  on the island (yes,  you can roll your eyes… I did), they gave the boys white hats and I got a feather boa (… I was secretly very pleased… shhh)

Today we snorkelled and hang out in the pool…


and then No 3 had his first ever scuba dive beginning the year with a huge tick in his bucket list.DSC03177DSC03179

(Look at that happy face!)

I hang out on the boat on the look out for turtles and promised myself that next time I would refresh my Open Water Diver certification.


Did you have a good beginning?  I really hope so.

2018 I have good hopes for you.





One thought on “– 2018/1 – postcards from the Maldives

  1. driftwood says:

    happy new year Monica, I hope it’s filled with wonderful adventures x


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