First thing first…

I’m having a terrible hair day.  No, I’m serious, it looks like a cheap wig.  I haven’t any idea why… I haven’t done anything different in my routine.  (Joking, I don’t have a ‘routine’… it gets washed, it gets dried… end of).

Back to today’s agenda. (Joking… I didn’t have ‘agendas’ in the 80s, the age of filofaxes and giant shoulder pads.. why would I have one now?)…

Last week no 2 asked me to make him a pencil case for all his art material.  WHAT??? me? asked to make something? not me making something and then forcing it on them?  Well I never..

I got to work immediately lest he changed his mind.  He gave me his current pencil case as a size guide and I added a few inches here and a few more there…

I quilted the fabric… I chose my favourite,  a gorgeous mustard linen mix and combined it with a red zipper for a retro 70s vibe…

…and doesn’t it look great?


… subtle quilting lines, sturdy natural fabric… spacious..

Yeah… about the ‘spacious’… it turned out a tad too big.

A lot actually.

Here’s a shot of the crochet cover (16″ x 16″ to give you an idea) fitting nicely inside.  Not even that snuggly.


Let’s just say it could easily accommodate  No 2’s rugby boots – size UK 11 (US 12).  Easily.

Let’s just say you could use it as a weekend bag.


Let’s just say No 2 rejected it.




One thought on “– 180 – too big maybe?

  1. But you have a great craft project bag!


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