This one… is an old one.  I must have started this quilt at least 13 years ago which means that my taste hasn’t changed that much because I still like it (worth sticking to the classics) and that is worth keeping hold of things.  (It could also mean it looks terribly old fashioned and should have been chucked years ago… mmmhhhh)

I don’t know why I picked it up this morning… I was in my study trying to summon the desire to do some present wrapping when I suddenly found myself quilting this baby.  It’ll be  Christmas present for someone who’s always admired it so I guess I don’t need to feel guilty for having wrapped the huge number of zero Christmas presents this morning and written exactly zero Christmas cards.

I don’t know where the time has gone.  At 9.40am I was really ahead of myself, beds made, laundry sorted, I’d filled the school secret survey, paid bills, written emails that needed to be written, the dishwasher was going…  suddenly it’s 2pm and I haven’t been food shopping, I don’t know what to wear to this party thing tonight and I haven’t done my nails.



Anyway, the mariner’s compass is one of my favourite pattern … but let’s be frank… it’s a bit scary for everyday sewing.  Like wearing sequin trousers to go grocery shopping… it can be done… you just don’t do it.


I can’t even remember the fabric.  I’d like to say shot cotton by Kaffe Fassett… but I could be wrong.



For the first time ever I used the ‘fold over binding’ technique and I must say it’s unbelievably quick.  Probably wouldn’t last too long on a utilitarian quilt, but this is more of a square table top thingy and it should be just fine… look at that mitred corner… it’s a thing of beauty!


Yes, I’m standing on a chair (and the angle makes me feel like I’m 8ft tall (trust me… I’m not) but it gives you an idea of the whole piece.

(Should have put the chairs level… it’s very annoying how they’re not)


It’s going to be quite hard to give it away.



3 thoughts on “– 181 – mariner’s compass quilt

  1. breannecrochets says:



  2. Shirley says:

    What an absolutely beautiful wall hanging or table topper. It would definitely go on the wall at my home. The construction of your mariner’s compass is perfection. I really struggled with the few that I have made even when paper piecing. Sure this will be a treasured gift by the recipient. (And, yes, I would have the same comment on the chairs after I saw my photo.) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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