… the problem with technology is that if you lose something you normally rely on…you’re totally stuck.  I’ve been wanting to ‘talk’ to you guys for a week, but I just couldn’t find the ‘doodah’ to download the photos onto the computer (dongle? sounds rude) so in the end, No 1 man child remembered not to take  his one to school it was radio silence.

So, HELLOOOOO, how are you all? December you say? Get lost!! Not even remotely ready.

This other cushion was made with another couple of vintage squares like the previous one, this time with a white border.


I think i like it even more than the previous one


The two sides are have a different arrangement of the same yarn colours and I really wish I knew who made them because I love her taste (… I assume it was a ‘she’… but who knows).

I keep changing my mind about which one I prefer, this one?


or this one?


I have a couple more squares but I need to buy yarn to join them… as someone said once… “I’ll be back”.




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