… a few years ago I was given a a whole bunch of crochet squares by a friend who found them abandoned in a house she was renting.  I am not sure when they were made… probably in the 70s/early 80s judging from the yarn and at some point they also got washed in too hot a water because they were slightly felted too.  BUT, they were fab, they possessed a sort of authenticity and so I kept them and kept them…

A few of them were already half joined to make a rectangular cushion so that was a no brainer at the time, the other ones were left languishing in one of the many baskets in my room.

Till I got ‘the itch’.  If you like making stuff you know about ‘the itch’… when  you have to make something  RIGHT NOW, forget the rest of your busy life… and ‘the itch’ always strikes when you are at your busiest too…

Anyway, this time it all started when I decided to move all the furniture around in my study (another type of urge that assails me every once in a while; it’s a faulty gene this one, No 2 has it too and his bedroom is in a constant state of flux) and I stumbled upon an orange ball of acrylic yarn bought to make crochet pumpkin and thought lost forever.

Needles to say the pumpkins didn’t get crocheted but I noticed that it was an almost perfect match to the outside edge of a couple of the granny squares in the aforementioned basked.  I literally was walking around the room trying to find a place for the yarn whilst kicking the basket to make room for the sofa…

Lighting striked.

Like the apple that fell on Newton’s head when he worked out what gravity was all about… only much less dramatic and life changing.


… a few rounds of trebles later…


… and we have a perfectly formed cushion/pillow whatever you like to call it.


It happened that I had serendipitously bought a couple of big cushion inserts so I didn’t even had to go out and buy one which would have meant months of delay because that is just the way life is, right?


… no it was fate, all stars aligned and conspired to give me this gorgeous cushion in only a couple of days.


Fate, people, it was fate.


One thought on “– 177 – crochet cushion

  1. Claire says:

    LOVE your boots!


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