I could have started this post by telling you I had a very relaxing start of the day at the hairdresser drinking coffee and reading magazines… but my day actually began with racing the school bus to school to drop off No 3’s English homework which he’d forgot to pack.

That’s it.  The boys have one, and only one, ‘voucher’ per term that allows them to ask me to drop off stuff they’d left at home.  After that… they’re on their own.  One and only chance.  Harsh? I think fair.

Anyway, after then racing back to the hairdresser not to miss my apt (too much gray!!!) I did get to have a coffee and leaf through magazines and you know what…. it seems ‘woolly things are back in fashion…


little collar things…


intarsia and cables…


big scarves…(btw… this garter stitch scarf? £670!!! ok, Prada, I do admire your style… but now you’re having a laugh… right?)


A scarf to match your sweater? awesome. (Who am I kidding… how long would that take me?)


I swear I had a big cardigan in crazy patches back in the 80s…. one should never throw away anything.


I’m a little worried about this super long sleeves look… knitting sleeves is so boring… as a matter of fact the sweater I’m knitting has short sleeves!


not that you can see it from the photo, but trust me, they won’t stick out from my coat sleeves.  (I’m knitting NUUK, from the first issue of Laine Magazine, in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in fossil colour way.


And apropos of nothing… this sign was on the door of a closed down shoe shop in town…





all photos from Elle magazine and Marie Claire magazine October issues.






2 thoughts on “– 153 – …knitting …

  1. Clicky Needles says:

    Ah! That’ll be Jones’ in The Prom. Oh dear! I really hope somebody doesn’t pay £670 for that scarf, it’s not even that nice.


  2. Jo says:

    £670 for a scarf, how about that for you pop up shop?!

    I had to explain a similar system to my youngest who started at secondary this term, after she forgot her P.E kit this week. Luckily I was passing the school on my way to work. I now have 3 at the same school so I think I might be taking things up quite often!

    Have a good week, I am off to the literature festival on Sunday, looking forward to it.


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