Dancing in the dark came out in May 1984, a month before my 15th birthday and I wanted to cut my hair like Courtney Cox so badly…  I must have watched that video a million times.  A few weeks later my dad forbids me to go to Bruce’s concert… ah the unfairness of the world viewed through my teenage eyes…. the rolled up short sleeves, the blue eye make up… the first Apple Macintosh on sale, the Olympic games in Los Angeles (Carl Lewis!!)… Mark Zuckerberg is born in May 1984 too, did you know that?… (do you feel old enough? shall I stop?)

Why this song today?  I have no idea, but let’s reminisce…

(and cringe a little)

One thought on “– 154 – music Wednesday

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Thanks for the memories Monica. Oh my goodness. Some things change and some things stay the same.
    And a little giggle to finish off the song.
    Keep up your lovely work on your blog. It is a joy.


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