I’m not a gardener.

I enjoy being in a garden, I love sitting and reading in the garden, I love waltzing around cutting flowers and then going back inside and put them into vases… but that is the extend of my skills.  The fact that I don’t know much (anything) about gardening might be where the problem lies… I can rake leaves…  but I don’t know my weeds from my primroses… so no.  Gardening is not for me.  Once I got told off by my father in law (before he was my father in law) because I was mowing the lawn ‘and not doing the stripes’… what? stripes? Apparently I was mowing the lawn like I was hoovering the carpet.

Lawn stripes, you see,  are an English obsession. I’m surprised there wasn’t a mowing the lawn exercise when I took my citizenship test!

But I’m veering off theme here… gardening… yes… no, actually gardening no, but house plants yes.  In a big way.  I love them.  All of them.  The weirder the better.  It does help that we live in a house with huge windows, of course, but I like to think it’s because of my love towards them and the constant sound of country music that they thrive.

For example the Pileas Peperomoioides are thriving and are having babies all of them, I was told they have babies in the spring, but we’re ‘in season’ right now… I’ve tried re-potting one for now just to see if it survives.

This gorgeous little thing has moved into a new pad 4 days ago and seems to be doing ok in my hand thrown coffee cup…


… there are few others still living with their parents, so fingers crossed.

I have no idea of what type of plant this is (if you do let me know, please) but what I know is that it has virtually doubled the quantity of ‘stems/leaves’ since the beginning of the summer.


Again we shall see if it’ll survive the trauma of separation.

The Oxalis Triangularis seems very settled in a much bigger vase…


Have you ever tried propagating an Oxalis??  It’s definitively one of my favourite, but don’t tell the others.

This type of gardening is fun!

Also I’m very fond of pottery and am always on the look out for different  pots.



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2 thoughts on “– 142 – indoor gardening

  1. Jane says:

    Hello! The plant with the spears is called “sanseviera cylindrica” known as the snake plant or african spear. I have one as well and absolutely love it. If you like unusual houseplants another favourite of mine is “ceropegia woodii” or entangled hearts vine. It is so beautiful, it really does look like a chain of hearts and grows right down to the floor like a living garland. Love your blog by the way!


  2. Tess says:

    my daughters room looks a lot like this , she is a house plant fiend. x


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