Houston we have a problem.

It’s the scarves.  There’s too many.

I did a half Mary Kondo… I collected them all and dumped the big pile on the table

Quite a frightening sight to be honest, things had obviously gone completely out of hand, but with the help of a few baskets and a rubbish bag I tamed the beasts.

So now we have a basket of summer scarves in the wardrobe, a box of woven scarves, a basket for hats and gloves and a big one for all the hand knit shawls.

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I haven’t been terribly ruthless.  Not all of the summer scarves ‘sparked’ a huge amount of joy… but I had years of my mother’s voice in the back of my head saying ‘never throw away anything at the end of a season, wait till next year when you get stuff out again…’ .  And in the context between my mother and Marie Kondo… Marie, frankly doesn’t stand a chance.

Horrible job, but glad it’s over.

Now I can plan my next knitting project… I’m sure I can squeeze another one in the basket… right?

One thought on “– 141 – how many is too many?

  1. domesticali says:

    The answer is clearly ‘buy another basket so you have room!’


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