We said we were going to do it… and we did it.

Go Squad!  (the boys hate it when I say that… which makes it fun, right?)

Up ‘before the chickens’ to see the sunrise over the Half Dome at Glacier Point.

Worth the grumpiness.


We waited patiently with few others (I’d have thought it’d be more crowded… get out of bed people, it’s beautiful out there!)


Me and Mr M… awwww…



And then… the whole world turned gold…


… and the beasts demanded food… of course…


Breakfast with a view.  And a half.

Back at the hotel we all collapsed into a somnolent heap.  We’re rubbishly weak without sleep.


Lazy day.

I got sunburned.  Turns out I’m not very good at putting sunscreen on myself.




One thought on “– 108 – postcards from Yosemite

  1. Fabulous photos from Yosemite – you and Mr. M don’t look old enough to have three grown up boys.


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