I might be just a tad in love with this place.

Ok, a lot.


It’s so beautiful.


Today we drove along the North road, the one that takes you up up up to the Tioga pass (I believe it’s called Tioga road… no really…); a completely different environment and look about the place.



That’s our car up there, if you squint you can see it… and this photo was taken about 30 seconds before I had a bit of a screaming fit with the boys because they were too lazy to get out and were insisting in taking pictures from the windows.

How lazy is that?


So the next stop they all got out.  I can be very persuasive sometimes.


Can we all agree it was worth it though? Please?

Our destination was Tenaya Lake, right at the other end of the park.


We even found snow… well a small patch…


Because the boys refused to walk around the lake with us (‘what’s the point’ was their poor argument) we decided to add a stop to our return journey: Toulumne Grove, to see some seriously big trees.


So instead of a flat easy walk they got a hilly one… that’ll teach them.


Another fabulous day.






2 thoughts on “– 107 – postcards from Yosemite

  1. It was well worth it!! Not that you ever doubted it!


  2. cgribben says:

    It’s absolutely breathtaking! Hope the fires aren’t too close to you. I have to say, after four children and countless high school students, I’m not surprised at your boys’ response (or yours)!! 🙂


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