I spent all day looking upwards.

(And driving.  Lots of driving through wonderful landscapes)

Oh and donuts.  I ate fabulous donuts for breakfast from ‘Judy’s donuts’ in Oakhurst, just outside Yosemite.  Totally delicious.


Anyway, donuts aside, we drove from Yosemite to Bakersfield (long story) via King’s Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park.


Totally stunning.

Again.  I’m running out of adjectives.

What can I say about these trees?


They’re not simply ‘big’ or ‘huge’ even… they’re so old… it’s almost incomprehensible how old some of them are… older than the Colosseum? Seriously?  You’re faced with your own pitiful mortality and yet you feel an overwhelming desire to protect them and look after them.

I guess I fell in love with the sequoias.


There’s no other explanation.


I just couldn’t get enough.


Mr M and I… we’re so tiny and insignificant… and 50 years from now we’ll be gone and General Sherman will still be here, being photographed by our grandchildren or something…


We didn’t do that much walking today but the driving alone was mesmerising.  Like being in a fairy tale…


And it’s hard to put the scale of these giants into perspective… photos just don’t do them justice… suffice to say I spent all my day looking up..


Quite bonkers.


Now we’re tucked up in bed in Bakersfield (our rental won’t be available till tomorrow) at the Padre Hotel, which looks really cool and serve really really good burgers.




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