We got a really early start to beat the crowds and make sure parking wasn’t a problem…and it worked out really well.

Oh my this place is so wonderful.

We have three days in the park so today we stayed in Yosemite Valley.  First up we hiked to the lower falls although calling it a hike.. it’s a bit misleading… it’s very easy and very close to the parking areas.

Having said that, it’s still beautiful and worth the short walk.  (By the way… the air smells amazing out there)


Milk weed (strictly linked to the life cycle of the Monarch butterflies.  We saw a few… I didn’t know they were so big!)


We then had the genius idea to hire bicycle which allowed us to complete the valley floor loop AND to avoid taking the shuttle bus, which is a great service (we jumped on it on the way back to the car after dropping off the bikes at the end of the day) but at this time in the season it gets really crowded, especially in the afternoon.

We cycled around the bottom the valley, there’s a beautifully maintained cycling trial and its really easy…


We left the bikes on the rack at the beginning of the trail and hiked to Vernal Falls… and when I say hiked… this time I mean it.

Oh boy.

We made the rookie mistake to simply look at the distance of the hike (a mere 2.5miles) without checking/enquiring/finding out about the elevation… yup.


Beautiful.  Stunning.  Incredible.


Especially the last part… the Misty Trail… 300 huge steps going up and up and up… the legs turned to jelly, you got totally soaked (and I don’t mean damp, I mean SOAKED) from the spray of the water as bounces off the boulders in its path.

Fun.  But STEEP.


I can honestly say my calves and butt cheeks won’t be thanking me tomorrow.

In an attempt to cool off and rest we made Mirror Lake our lost stop.



The water was freezing so … no swimming for me, although plenty of people were.  Bonkers.


Honestly?  Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit… I really wish we had more time to explore it…


… black and white, in honour of Ansel Adams…




2 thoughts on “– 106 – postcards from Yosemite

  1. DebCox says:

    Oh how extremely wonderful. Thank you for sharing once again from this armchair traveller.


  2. Ah! So glad you loved it!!! It is an incredible and beautiful place isn’t it. Great idea to hire bikes as I am sure you could really make the most of the wonderful views that way. Loving coming along with you in this way and remembering great times!


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