On the road.

My favourite.

Driving holidays are my favourite, especially when you have no clear plans and get to go where you want.  When you have kids is a little tricky but even when you have a plan and a destination nothing stops you from taking the occasional detour, right?

Case in point A.

After being dropped off by Yuri from Moldova to the car rental place (‘unpronounceable from Uzbekistan had picked us up when we first arrived… I love how international the whole thing was) we headed East towards Yosemite.

All was going well when we spotted this from the highway:


In hindsight, not the cleverest thing to do in 100F…but hey… it was … interesting…


there was dancing… and if you needed a broken religious statue you were in the right place…

DSC01509or broken windows…


or heads…


… they did offer free outdoor showers though…


We bought some really fresh fruit and some amazing roasted peanuts, so not all was lost.

When finally hit the open road, things got a little more interesting.


It felt good to be out of the city.

Under immense skyes.

In wide open spaces.


Especially when we abandoned the main road for a tiny backroad…


It was kind of perfect.





One thought on “– 105 – postcards from California

  1. A great start to a road trip!


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