SF Moma… one of the best museum I’ve seen.  We arrived as it opened at 10am and already people were queuing outside.  The majority were there for the big Edward Munch exhibition which we didn’t have time for so the permanent galleries weren’t too crowded.

In the atrium there’s this magnificent sculpture by Richard Serra which I had seen popping out on my feed recently.



Even the boys were quite taken by it.  It’s impossible not to be fascinated and enchanted.

(They might look distracted in this photos… but they are into this a little bit at least… honest… and the way you can tell this is a staged photo? They would never sit so closely together ‘in real life’!)


There were so many beautiful artwork (and they let you take photos too!) that we could have stayed so much longer..


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Next we had a picnic in the park opposite the De Young museum (housed in the coolest building)


Next to this is the super cute Japanese Garden (small entry fee)


… the only thing.. it was super super crowded (not the best idea to go on a weekend, but beggars can’t be choosers … It beautifully curated and designed etc. it’s just that the hundreds of people kind of destroyed the zen like peace it was probably meant to conjure…

We then retraced our steps to the De Young because cleverly we had booked tickets for the Summer of Love exhibition.  Very interesting, I totally recommend it if you’re in the area.  (Also ridiculously crowded… though, so go midweek).


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From the top of the observation deck on the 9th floor of the De Young tower we could see that Karl the fog was nowhere to be seen today and made the decision to jump on a bus and head towards the Golden Gate bridge whose sights had eluded us for the past couple of days.


A kind local gave us directions…


It wasn’t her fault that about 4 million people had the same idea as us…

Let’s just say that if the bus had been delayed another millisecond there would have been mutiny in our ranks… it was a close call.

Let’s all agree that a certain 11yr old had reached an impasse with the jet lag and completely lost any sense of humour.  “I don’t want to be here, I didn’t ask to be here, what’s the point of all this ?  It’s just a bridge, why is it even famous?” seemed to be the mantra of the day.

And leave it at that.


… once we got there… it was worth it.


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The view was spectacular, the bridge ahead of us in all it’s glory and not shrouded in fog and whales swimming in the bay in front of us.  WHALES!

I love whales.

Couldn’t have asked for more for our last night in the City.






One thought on “– 104 – postcards from San Francisco

  1. Love the “they would never sit so close together in real life” hee hee!


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