First up Alcatraz.


(Karl the fog kept us company… sunny on the mainland, cold and grey on the island)


It was a very interesting visit, even the boys were enthralled and fascinated.

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It seems incredible (and very cruel) to have a prison so close to the mainland (just over a mile) and yet only three people managed to escape from it…


The rest of the day we … walked… and walked… and walked some more…

… to Pier 39…


… then to North Beach


… to the church of St Peter and Paul… where Joe di Maggio and Marylin Monroe didn’t get married but had their photos taken on its steps. (They both married before and therefore a church wedding was out of the question, to the registry office they went).


… to the Citylights bookstore…

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On the recommendation of the cashier in the bookshop (of course I bought a book… ‘Dharma Bums’ by Jack Kerouac, it seems appropriate somehow) we had lunch in Chinatown at this place: House of Nanking on Kearne Street.


Really, really good.



And then we walked some more… a lot more actually…



Tired but happy.


PS No 2’s suitcase has arrived.

PPS We bumped into No 2’s games teacher and his family today… small world or what?

2 thoughts on “– 103 – postcards from San Francisco

  1. Deb Cox says:

    I just love your posts my dear. Your commentary (-: and photos are so inspiring for the arm chair traveller (from Southern Ontario) that I am. Thank you for sharing your family and yourself. Enjoy the rest of your vacay.


  2. Alcatraz is fascinating isn’t it. Well worth a visit, so I am glad you enjoyed it.


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