Day 2.

The day began with a tour of the city aboard of a 1972 yellow VW van called Jerry.  The company which runs this type of tour is called Vantigo, and it’s the perfect way to get an over view of the city and get to see the main sights.


We drove all over the place and stopped a few times for photo ops…  North Beach… (don’t call it Little Italy… you’ll give away your tourist status… big faux pas)


pass the super famous City Lights bookstore (oh Jack Kerouac…) to reach Coit Tower, the weather was great at this point and the views superb


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Then back on board, through lovely streets down by the marina


… all the way to the Palace of Fine Arts in the Presidio area.


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Then the big boy… The Golden Gate Bridge… the weather at this point had turned somewhat, something that apparently is quite common… the fog had rolled in and the temperature dropped…

It didn’t make the sight less amazing.


Just in case you didn’t know the fog is called Karl and has its own Instagram account Karl the fog.  I’m not sure how ‘official’ the name is… but… it has way more followers than me!


(No 2 is in his slippers because that’s how he travelled and his suitcase still hasn’t arrived… he’s been a good sport about it… but I’m not sure how long that will last!)

Lunch was at ‘Slice House’ in the Haight…. delish!


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… right opposite Jimi Hendrix’ house.


After it was time for the famous painted ladies… I could have spent so much more driving around looking and taking photos of houses…


our last stop was at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, a beautiful mid century church… maybe it’s because I grew up in Italy and, trust me, there are plenty of churches there, but I always enjoy visiting them… they’re always quite places, usually a welcome pause in the hustle and bustle of the city around them.  I highly recommend you visit this one if you’re in the city.


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What a great place this is.







3 thoughts on “– 102 – postcards from San Francisco

  1. How great that you are having so much fun!!


  2. driftwood says:

    looks great, hope the suitcase arrives soon x


  3. Amy L says:

    You are bringing back happy memories of a time I spent in San Francisco. Thank you! I especially loved the artwork inside Coit Tower. The Works Progress Administration murals were breath taking. I hope your entire visit is as lovely as your first day.


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