Everything was sorted.  Flights, accommodations, car… maps and passports and visas… the dog/house sitter booked, regular deliveries cancelled…  I was soooooo on top of it I was scaring myself.  (a part from sun screen… still needed sun protection…)

AND THEN… we got hit by a ‘heat wave’.

If you don’t live in the UK you must understand that when the temperature passes 25C (77F) the whole country wilts.  Like lettuce in the sun.  Seriously.  You get items in the news reminding you TO DRINK plenty of water and cover up and stay in the shade…  So you can imagine what happened during 5 whole days of temperature around 30C (86F)!!


My children were so grumpy you’d thought I’d made them eat kale for breakfast.  They turned into sloths… wondering the house flopping from one chair to the next in a trance-like state.

So anyway to cut a long story short we got scared and so we abandoned the idea of our wonderful house (with pool) in Palm Springs (Mr M and mine favourite place!!!) due to the desert like temperature (mid 40sC/110F)  and turned towards the coast for inspiration.

City of Angels here we go…

or should I say city of stars…?

(Do my boys know how annoying I’ll be with this soundtrack?…. oh boy, they’re in for a treat!)

So now I need your help … I want… I would like suggestions… not so much the big things  but more like cool restaurants, THE best donuts joints… the quirky shops and interesting museum… the street arts, the places to avoid…  for all the location will be visiting…


This is the master plan.

Starting in San Francisco where we are definitively visiting Alcatraz (have tickets already) and have booked a tour with these people in a cute little van… but a part from that we’re footloose and fancy free.

Next we’ll be heading inland for some spectacular scenery and hiking.


I’m quite keen on Sequoia National Park too… although No 3 – my little cynic – doesn’t believe there’s a tree higher than the Statue of Liberty… he thinks ‘they say that just to get you there’…

And then we’ll spend a week in and around LA… and I’ll wear a yellow dress and Mr M will wear a tie and we’ll be tap dancing in the street…

(Note to self … I need a yellow dress…)

And we’ll take the boys to the Planetarium…


And then my family will never speak to me again.

End of the holiday.


PS… I might need a green dress too.

PPS… Do you think Mr M will be convinced to wear a suit??


4 thoughts on “– 89 – holiday planning

  1. In SF take a boat trip and go to Sausilito. It is magical and wonderful. Also take a cable car ride, and go to the cable car museum. Have a coffee at Peets and eat a meal in Chinatown. Have the honey prawns and walnuts – sounds yuk but was delicious. Also go to the boat museum and do go to pier 39 even though it is touristy it is lovely. Just have fun! In Yosemite go and see all of the different peaks, El Capitan and Half Dome and go and see the famous trees too – a walk but worth it. Just enjoy!!!


  2. Sarita says:

    Sonora and Columbia near Yosemite are fun and full of gold mining history and charm. Great unique coffee houses and cafes. Be sure and get your personalized, hand stamped horse shoes from the blacksmith in Columbia. We take all our visitors there and they tell us they love the memories. Have fun!


  3. Claire says:

    Sausalito is lovely. Muir woods. Half moon bay……all lovely and a bit calmer. Hire bikes to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge.


  4. driftwood says:

    can’t wait to see your photos of you dancing in your yellow dress x


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