Sunday morning.

Eerily quiet house and unusually empty day ahead of me.

I’m not complaining, mind you, but we’re usually so busy I keep checking my diary to see if I’ve forgotten something.  It reminds me of when the boys were little (I had three in four years) and the rare times I went out without them… my eyes kept darting everywhere looking for them, like the feeling of phantom limbs.

Surely today I ought to be driving someone somewhere? Making pack lunches or be sitting on a sideline?


No 1 son is still in Italy at my parents’ enjoying the end of his GCSEs exams with a friend.

No 2 is still in bed and will be for a while.

No 3 is away on a school trip.

Mr M is in bed too.


I can’t quite believe that in two weeks we’ll leave another school year behind… and we’ll be having such a busy summer that it feels September is just there, behind the door, ready to pounce!

Slow down.  Carpe Diem, Monica… take a chill pill.

One day at a time.


I gave blood for the first time this week.  It didn’t really hurt… a part from the needle insertion part (which I think the nurse enjoyed a tad more than necessary) but I have to say it was quite a weird feeling seeing ‘my’ blood coming out of my body and filling a plastic bag (I had to touch the bag… warm)… It was a reminder of the fragility of life and at the same time what a miracle it is.  I will donate again.  It was a small thing compared to how much others do, but it did make me feel connected to humankind, it sounds ridiculous… but we do all have the same blood inside, why do we consider ourselves so different from one another?

Am I making any sense?


I highly recommend it.

I’ve also started to slightly stress about packing for the holidays.  We’ll be facing such diverse weather and places that I don’t know where to start.  I know San Francisco will be cool… so probably long trousers are in order… then we need hiking gear for Yosemite… then we’re in LA where it’s hot.  Layers layers layers… but I also would like to wear pretty dresses not just shorts… and what about shoes??  Arrrghhhh.  So much easier if you’re a teenager and you only own trainers!!

I always take way too much stuff with me but I’m trying to make a concerted effort to bring only things that go together so I can mix and match.

I’ve been really going through my wardrobe recently and ‘ebaying’ tons of stuff that was just sitting there waiting for that one day a year when it got worn…

No more.

I’m not quiet doing the Marie Kondo ruthless madness… too brutal for me, but I am being quite strong.  So far I haven’t missed anything of the items I got rid of, which is good, in fact I find getting dressed in the morning much easier.  Less is more and all that.

I’ve still got a waaaay to go before my wardrobe is nice and lean though…  Small steps peeps, small steps.


Sunday morning rambling are over, you’ll be pleased to know.  I need breakfast and if I don’t eat soon I’ll start being grumpy and moan about something or other.

Let’s keep it light,eh?

Have a good one.


One thought on “– 90 –

  1. Sarita says:

    Here on the west coast we live in layers. When you wake up it could be raining and by afternoon could be sunny and hot…you just never know. I wear a lot of dresses with leggings and cardies. If I get to warm I start peeling off layers. Also flip flops are the norm everywhere now even in the rain. A good pair of sneakers are a good idea as well. Also scarves are always a good idea, but you already know this…;)
    Sunscreen, sunglasses and your bikini and your all set! Hope this gives you some inspiration..:)


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