I’m sitting at my kitchen table  drinking ice cold water and try to get moving… I’ve just walked in from town and I got so sweaty that I swear the self tan I applied this morning has melted off my legs which will result in very dark ankles and snow white knees.


No jokes aside I’m loving this weather.  Yes it’s hot.  Yes we’re all getting sticky.  But it’s summer!!! finally we can wear shorts and dresses and little tops… and sandals!!  Sandals without toes getting frostbites…  I love sandals…

And flip flops.

Anyway whilst looking for some cotton lawn fabric I thought I had, I stumbled upon this crochet tote I remember starting in earnest last summer…



As per usual (will I ever learn) it was almost finished, with only the handles to do.  One day I’ll go to therapy to try to work out why I always leave projects when they’re almost finished.  There must be some underlaying issues in my brain…


Hook size: 5mm

Twine: Nutscene in a variety of colours.  I love their twine… the colours are so saturated and brilliant. (And they don’t bleed in your hand).

Pattern is my own, you can find it here, on Ravelry.



It’s a great size for the pool or a picnic… although now that I’ve said that the weather is sure to turn cold again.

I’ve made a few of these in the past and they’re ever so useful.  Very strong too.


Lilli the dog is lying on the floor panting… every so often changing tiles looking for cool floor.  I might join her.



3 thoughts on “– 88 – twine tote

  1. Shirley says:

    Your tote is just wonderful! Love the colors – so happy looking. Here in the southern US, it has been hot and humid for over a month. We will have high temperatures and high humidity thru August and part of September. It’s pretty miserable to be outside during mid-day. I walk at 6:00 a.m. and still come home like you described about your walk. Hope you enjoy lots of pool time!


  2. ruthsplace says:

    Love the tote! Enjoy your hot weather!


  3. Laura says:

    I LOVE it!! But how can I find that twine in Italy???


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