– 85 – ‘crazy feeling’ sweater

Such a fast knit!


… and as it turned out well times as the weather after teasing us with sun and high temperatures for a couple of week has gone back to ‘bleh’ again.

This was a ‘kit’ from ‘Wool and the gang’  – which you can purchase ‘here‘, if you’re interested.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them… they’re all very easy projects and come beautiful packaged with full instructions and even a yarn needle to absolutely complete the thing… no excuses!

The yarn for this sweater, jumper, pullover… call it what you wish is wonderful, it’s made using up-cycled, pre-consumer denim waste using no chemicals and no dyes.  What’s not to like?  It drapes, it’s soft, and it’s eco-friendly.  Pretty cool I say.  (Although, saying cool is not cool I realise that.  Apologies)


5mm and 6.5mm needles, and a good tv series and bob’s your uncle you have a sweater.


(and a slightly out of focus photograph… I love the loose sleeves though…)

Mr M and I are late to the ‘House of Cards’ party but we’re catching up.  Highly addictive. And I need Robin Wright’s wardrobe (and her flat stomach).

I’ve also started watching ‘Call the midwife’… oh boy, am I the only one who cries at every episode?  Geesh…

And if you’re wondering if I’ve been living in a jungle without access to modern ways of entertainment for the past few years… I don’t know what to say… I guess I haven’t been watching much of anything…

Now I need a cup of tea and need to decide what to knit next….