I’ve been in a real ‘food funk’ lately.  Bored of cooking the same old stuff, bored of children with unadventurous taste buds, bored of juggling different mealtimes due to various commitments.. (seriously why scheduling a cricket match for 12.00pm???? It stays light till gone nine o’clock, surely the power that be could give family the chance of eating Sunday lunch together???  End of rant)


Yesterday I forced myself to open one of the many cookery books and dug out a recipe for a Thai prawn salad for me and Mr M… (prawn and salad for the boys?? ha.  No. It’s their loss… if they’re that stubborn they can carry on eating re-heated pizza for what I care.  Anyway it was delicious.  Coconutty… spicy… fresh… green and full of strange herbs…

THAT little effort inspired me to make my own meatball this morning and I went for a super easy recipe from this book:


(Side note: if you want to cook ‘true’ Italian food, no frills, no peas or mushroom in the Carbonara, you have to check this book out.  Beautifully written and the recipes do taste like ‘mamma’s food’)

I know that on a Sunday you’re supposed to have a big roast dinner… but no… I decided that meatballs are just as comforting and homey, in light of the horrible events of last night in London that a big roast chicken in the oven.  That the important thing is sitting around the table together and stare at the hate in the face and say “there’s no place for you here, go away”.  With a mouth full of homemade food.

So there.  I’m so angry about what happened that I had to physically do something… taking it out on a couple of pounds of minced meat seemed like a good way as any.


I don’t enjoy the feeling of squishy meat between my finger so I made a double batch and now I have lunch/dinner in the freezer for one of those days when inspiration runs low.


I baked these babies and then finished cooking them in a rich tomatoey/garlicky sauce as per the book suggestion.


Mmmmh, need I say more?

Can you smell them from there?





One thought on “– 84 – ‘polpette’

  1. ruthsplace says:

    They look delicious and the perfect antidote to the horribleness going on around us.


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