– 86 – sashiko jeans

I think I can genuinely blame Ali for this one.

She’s the one who texted me a picture of a pair of denim from Anthropologie covered in sashiko embroidery.  She sowed the seed.

And then that seed grew and grew and when I saw a pair of jeans in my size down to the most reduced price (think about three cappuccinos worth) I knew it was a case of now or never.


I did a quick internet search to find out the basic principles of ‘visible mending’… first I basted a patch of denim fabric to the inside of the ‘hole’:


and then I snipped all the white threads off.  I was thinking of keeping it and simply doing lots of straight stitches everywhere to reinforce the patch… but then my ambition got the better of me and opted for a sashiko style work.

Silly me, why taking it easy, right?


It’s not perfect.

By any means.

I was going to pencil mark the stitches but I realised I didn’t have a white fabric pencil so had to wangle it… (jack of all trade and master of none, me…)

… the imperfections of the handmade and all that jazz…


(As you can see the other knee is in need of something too… )


I am really loving how they came out!

And I will actually be wearing them … once it stops raining and blowing a gale –  who would have thought!