Let’s talk about knitting.

‘Boxy’ has been on my to do list for years.  It’s a simple sweater, mainly stockinette, loose fitting (essential) with tight sleeves and pretty details on the shoulders.  What’s not to like?

Also is THE perfect watching-tv-whilst-knitting project because there are miles and miles, weeks and weeks, of stockinette stitch and if you like me opt for the ‘in the round’ version… you hardly need to look down.

It’s not finished.


But since the photos were taken yesterday the neck band is done and my head passes through it… always a bonus.

Last night I had also finished one sleeve but I’m annoyed to say that it’ll have to be frogged and re-knitted bigger.


Too tight.  Not enough blood flowing to my hand.


I only had metal dpns in the required size and with those I always knit really tight otherwise they slip off… need to find some bamboo/wooden ones asap.

The marvellous thing is that it fits.  It fits perfectly and I can’t wait to get it all done and wear it in this still cold mornings.  (We’re entering the most annoying time of the year… where the temperature difference between morning and afternoon is more than 10C… drives me potty.  I end up changing clothes twice a day,  otherwise I either freeze in the morning or melt in the afternoon).  (High class worries, shut up Monica).

What about you…. whatcha knitting?


PS.  all technical details/info at the big reveal.


5 thoughts on “– 56 – ‘Boxy’ sweater

  1. Holly says:

    Socks. My first toe-ups in a color called Borscht (think red-black rather than magenta). I must be learning well, because these are going so much faster than my first two pair of socks.


  2. Julie says:

    I might’ve accidentally cast on a Happenstance yesterday …. ignoring the almost-done-jumper/the-hat-knit-on-cocktail-sticks/the how-many-crochet-squares-till-I’ve-finished-this-blanket/and the cardigan-I-plan-to-knit-for-a-special-birthday-but-have-steadfastly-ignored-even-though-said-birthday-is-creeping-up-way-faster-than-I’d-like …


  3. Jacqui says:

    A sock, second of a pair x


  4. driftwood says:

    I just finished a sock and now I’m knitting some nuuk from Laine mag. it’s my first jumper. I am wildly excited about it.


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