Avocado – Persea Americana – Alligator pear…

Not a huge fan.

I’m ok with a guacamole dip… mainly because of the tortilla chips though…

I think it’s the mushy texture.  Slimy too.  It’s weird, come on admit it, you avocado-philes out there.   None of us in the family are huge fan… in fact it was the only food that No 3 ever spat out in disgust as a baby.

Anyway, I keep hearing sooooooo much about how good it is for you blah blah blah that I bought two yesterday.

Two.  Not one, two.  And I’m going to try doing stuff with them both.

Today’s experiment involved a mashed up concoction on toast from the book ‘Every Day ‘ by Deliciously Ella.  Olive oil, chilli powder and lime juice.  I used baguette instead of toast and have to admit… it was really good.


Will do it again for sure and it’ll be perfect for those morning I fancy a savoury breakfast.

The other half of the first avocado went into the oven.


With an egg on top.

Not entirely successful as experiments go… I baked it for too long and I should have scooped out more of the avo flesh: the whole was too small and a lot of the egg is not stuck to the bottom of the dish.  I suspect forever.

What a surprise… I actually genuinely loved the taste of both.  Who would have thought…  I might actually have to stop saying I don’t like the things.

Funny that.


The second avocado will go into smoothies… I think.



(Ali? it’s not going to happen with rocket or raisins… don’t even think about it)

3 thoughts on “– 55 – avocados

  1. N 3 changed. I would eat avocado every day. I love it!!


  2. I love avocado, but my hubby only really likes it as guacamole so I guess I can understand both points of view! Enjoy your experimenting.


  3. smallp says:

    Ooh must try these. They sound delicious 🙂 It is good to find a food that tastes good and is virtuous. If only chocolate fitted that category…..not sure that classing it as a fruit really works (and clearly from the google results many others have looked to see if the cocoa pod is a fruit…lol) xx


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