– 57 – a walk

If truth be known Lilli and I took this walk a few days ago… but I don’t think that photos of the 6 hours I’ve spent in the car today would be very interesting.

I drove No 3 to the airport and I miss him already.  I know he’s going to have a blast staying at my parents… two doting grandparents and a 4lb chocolate egg.  Yes… 2 Kg of chocolate and no brothers to have to share it with… I mean… this is the stuff that dreams are made off when you’re eleven, right?

I feel a bit lost… I don’t like it when I don’t have all my chicks around me.  The empty nest thing?  I’m dreading it.

Anyway, it was a lovely morning and we had a lovely walk, come with us.


That is THE tree.  You have to walk to the tree and sit on one of the benches and rest when you get there, look at the view, feel the wind in your face, think for a while and only then you can walk back.

It’s the law.

Trust me.