– 54 – clogs


When I was younger ‘clogs’ were our summer shoes.  The feeling of bare feet on the wooden sole, the feeling of being taller… the clippety cloppety noise…  it reminds me of my childhood.   Maybe it only happened a handful of times, or even ones and my mind is playing tricks with me… but either way I’m very fond of clogs.

I have an uncle that wears clogs.  Usually navy ones.  And a fedora, although not at the same time.  He used to drive a yellow 2CV and eats apples core and all, down to the last pip, leaving only the stalks.   He shares a birthday with Bilbo Baggins.

If you don’t know who Bilbo Baggins is… go and do some research!

I’m digressing as usual.

When I saw these clogs on the Lotta from Stockholm website it was love at first sight.

The leather is supple, and they’re very comfortable.  Admittedly I shouldn’t have worn them for the first time without socks walking around London for hours… but that’s my fault, not theirs.

Yesterday I had them on all day without a sniff of a blister.  And I always get blisters with any shoes.  Rubbish feet.

I have a pair of clog sandals too that are very very comfortable (they passed the all day in London with flying colours)


These are from Moheda and they’re about to enter their third summer.


But my absolute favourite in the whole wide world are Bryr Clogs… Seriously.  They are beautiful… and a little bit expensive I know … sigh… but a girl can dream, right?




Talking of clogs and wooden soles… my mum used to always wear Dr Scholl’s sandals… was it just a thing in Italy in the 70s?  What happened to them?  Let’s bring them back!