The challenge was to make a quilt with what was at hand.  No buying fabric was allowed… harsh, I know…

Luckily for me I’m a fabric hoarder so I had plenty to choose from.  What did I use?

An old Toast top that had taken an accidental and sadly fatal trip into the washing machine.

A few of Mr M shirts

A piece of wool fabric bought at a charity shop, unused, but too small to make anything wearable with

A linen skirt and a linen dress that never fitted properly (think drunk Holly Hobbie after six months of living in the streets)


Cut it all up in neat(ish) isosceles triangles (my geometry game is strong) and voila’…

you have yourself a super cosy quilt.

I liked the simplicity of it and didn’t want the quilting stitches to interfere so I tied it with linen thread at the interceptions of every triangle.  And then I also used facing rather than a border.  Simple/minimal was the name of the game.

I kind of think it would nice hung on the wall too…  Mr M has hidden the hammer from me… but I think there might be one in the shed…

6 thoughts on “– 37 – make do quilt challenge

  1. Knitlass says:

    Flippin gorgeous!


  2. Awesome idea for a challenge and it turned out beautifully.


  3. Jo says:

    Love that photo, did you plan to have a lampshade as a head?


  4. lovely finish! I like the look of the longer triangles, and how you kept the white/cream in pairs.


  5. Clicky Needles says:

    ooooooooo nice. I think definitely a wall hanging.


  6. driftwood says:

    gorgeous x


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