– 36 – … thank me later…


So, let’s talk wrapping paper…

I like the stuff and I tend to have a few rolls stuffed in an Ikea metal bin in a corner of my studio.  Paper for boys or for girls… fun paper or ‘serious’ paper… but rolls tend to last for too long… there’s too much paper in a roll, don’t you agree?  It gets boring… (I’m a gemini… I get bored quickly) (Unless it’s Christmas paper and then I’m always running out.

In the past I’ve rebelled and bought a massive/huge/mahoosive roll of brown paper and colourful ribbons and tapes.  I even potato printed it once.  Madness.

Then I went through the coloured tissue phase and the newspaper sheets phase.

NOW I found something else.  (Some of you will roll their eyes and think ‘sliced bread’… but it’s new to me!).  In Hobbycraft. (£5.95, which I thought was reasonable for what it is)

What you see in the photo above is a book (about A3 size) which contains 12 different sheets of gorgeous wrapping paper folded in 4.  Which is easy to tuck away in a drawer… unlike a roll.  (and also it won’t be turned into a sword/bat/something to hit your brothers with once the paper has ran out… just saying).

I choose the 70s theme but there lots and lots of different ones


Look at that gorgeousness.


Seriously… how fab?

When you have a present to wrap… or a book… or a box… or fancy lining a drawer…


… you follow the instructions and voila’…  the world is yours to wrap…


Good stuff.