– 29 – ladies who lunch


Yesterday I had the enviable chore to HAVING to pay a visit to Burford Garden Company (had to, it was an instruction from Mr M in order to find interesting plants for the new lounge shelves… pictures to come…).  The place lies halfway between me and Ali… so meeting up for lunch was a no brainer.

Whilst waiting for her I had a good mooch around:


(hashtag crochetblanketgoal)


(I need more green in my life)


(really loving this huge lampshades/mudhuts…)


(I’m totally copying this)


(this is only part of the plant haul… I love white flowers…)


And then we had lunch, which I didn’t take a picture of because we were too busy catching up and putting the world to right.  As you do.

Chicken with three salads.  Very delicious.  Green tea.


Ali that candle I bought? Smells divine… but tooooo relaxing…




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