… why oh why the week we come back from holiday and I have mountains of washing, and after a weekend on a full house (fab by the way), and hockey tournaments, and after school clubs pick ups, and new furniture deliveries….and when I’m still trying to catch up on Homeland series 6…. do I decide to move my studio around?


So far so good though.  I’m feeling good about the changes and about the de-cluttering I’m able to do.  I’m trying to be ruthless and I’m even thinking of getting rid of my huge jar of buttons (remember when buttons were ‘the thang’?), and the box of ric rac (remember ricrac/rickrack ric rac? what can I do with it now?  Do you want it?  And why oh why do I have a bon maman jar full of drawing pin when I don’t have a drawing board?


A new ‘vintage’ cabinet should hold all the miscellaneous fabric and shelves in the useless alcoves should hide all the ugly stuff … I hope… because I removed two cupboards which are now in the hall and will have to be transported into the garage by children and husband.

Better think of suitable culinary bribe.


Full reveal in due course.

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2 thoughts on “– 28 – rearranging

  1. Shirley says:

    Wow! You are really on a roll with the de-cluttering and reorganization. Love your studio. Keep the buttons. Ok to ditch ric rac/rick rack


  2. Marianne says:

    No! Don’t ditch the ric-rac! Ric-rac should be mandatory on military uniforms as it would just bring a smile to anyone’s face (or is it just me?)

    Looking forwards to seeing the big reveal. You’ve inspired me to sort mine when I’m on leave next week
    Have fun!


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