… Volare… oh oh… cantare… oh oh oh..nel blue dipinto di blue… felice di stare lassù’…

Ok it might not mean a thing to you but that song pops in my head every time the plane breaks through the clouds and that deep deep blue welcomes you and promise you adventures.

I’m typing this from our hotel room, whilst the boys in the next room are already quieting because of the mad early start this morning.

Not too much ‘banter’ tonight.  (Don’t tell them I wrote banter.  It’s in my ‘words not to be used by a mother’ list).


Teenagers eh?

One day they’ll thank me for taking so many photos of them… or maybe not.

We arrived under a gentle snowfall which made everything perfect:


Let’s move on to lunch, which was delicious.  I had mini lasagne with deer ragu’ … perfection in a plate.

(Hilariously the predictive text keeps wanting to change ragu’ to rage… )



… and a delicious cappuccino… perfect temperature (not scolding like they serve it in England) and no chocolate powder.  AND let’s not ignore the crochet doily!


Yes, I think I’ll like it here.

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