Today the weather was unbelievably beautiful.  The big mountain in the photo is the Italian side THE Toblerone mountain.  Mount Cervino from here, Matterhorn on the Swiss side.

The boys had ski lessons in the morning so Mr M and and headed all the way to the top of Plateau Rosa (3480m… yes I did feel a tad light headed, but it didn’t last long).

The wind was very strong but the view… oh the view…



After another gorgeous lunch  – mushroom risotto for me –


we left Mr M in the capable hands of Ivan the ski instructor for an off-piste lesson, and me and the boys ‘caught some groomers’.  Well I did, they seemed to think that skiing/snowboarding outside the groomed and well marked areas is where it’s at.  Me? I’m not so sure.


Yeah, that’s my gang… for the ten seconds I managed to keep them still… sigh…


It was fun.  A lot of fun.

3 thoughts on “– 20 – postcards from Cervinia, day 1

  1. Clicky Needles says:

    Oh wow! Looks stunning.


  2. driftwood says:

    looks beautiful x and terrifying x


  3. Pamela says:

    Oh that intense blue sky against the snowy mountains! I miss skiing! In fact I particularly miss skiing at Sunshine Village in the Canadian Rockies where a ski instructor once described that as “Alberta blue”.


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