I have a headache and I know why.

It’s because we’re off skiing tonight and I need to make sure that 4 people have the right number of pants and socks and teeshirts.  That they have a pjs just in case the hotel is evacuated in the middle of the night (I kid you not, it’s the only reason that works with my feral children who refuse to sleep in pjs).  That they have their toothbrushes and fleeces and warm clothes because IT’S GOING TO BE COLD AND NO I’M NOT EXAGGERATING ….

And cables/charges/ipads/books.

And shoes.  YES snow boots are necessary and NO I’M NOT EXAGGERATING IT WILL BE COLD.

Gloves AND woolly hats. Even if you don’t want to wear them, just bring them to make me happy and so that I can tell you I TOLD YOU SO when we get there and you’ll wear them.


I also possibly have a headache because the day we get back we’re hosting some dear friends from Spain for two nights so sheets need to be clean and ready and food needs to be prepared and in the freezer.

And all the plants watered.

And instructions written for the house sitter.  But the printer is not working (why oh why…) and so I’m kind of stuck.

Aaaarrghhhh my head.

Yes, the check in is done.  The hotel is confirmed AND the parking.

The taxi will be waiting for us at the other end.

I need to find “UNO” and “Monopoly Deals”.

And my headphones.


My reading is packed.  And my mascara.

I have knitting (I decided to bring socks because I haven’t knit a pair in ages and they are the perfect travelling project).

I have also a little cheeky sashiko piece for the plane.  Just in case.  It’s only a short flight and I’ll probably sleep… but you never know.  Better be prepared.

(I always sleep on planes.  Can’t help it)


I’ve just remembered I need to empty the drier… and do one more dishwasher run…


Will I make it through today?


I can do it   I can do it   I can do it   I can do it….



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  1. You can do it! I used to tell myself this mantra “you can sleep on the plane. you can sleep on the plane…” Have a nice trip though.


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