This is a picture of a screenshot of a photograph of a book cover.

Still with me?  Good because I’m barely hanging in there too… Sunday night and all that…

Anyway in a case of platform cross-pollination I’ve decided to jump on the Instagram bandwagon of bookmusings and join the AtoZ Book Challenge.  I’m sure it’s nothing new and it’s most certainly been done before but I haven’t soooooo…. AND I have a lot of books piling up by my bed and god only knows how many in my kindle and this might just be the thing to get me going and help me staying out of bookstores.

It’s my only New Year Resolution.  C’mon.  I need some encouragement here folks.

First up was Margaret Atwood ‘The heart goes last’.  On the Kindle.  (And on the phone, great for when I’m out waiting for a child or another).


What do I think of this book…. well…

It was a quick and easy read, I didn’t struggle to finish it, so that’s a plus.  (It’s another one of her dystopian society stories – although not as weird as Oryx and Crake’s)

BUT… it never got going fully.  I was always waiting to be swept away and kidnapped by the book… you know that feeling?  When a book grabs you and don’t want to turn the light off at night because you want to read ‘just one more page’?

Never got that feeling.  She writes beautifully and clearly and skilfully… but it felt ‘flimsy’ and all the great ideas and clever insights never seemed explored enough… and at times it seemed flippant and superficial and the characters could have been more ‘real’.

Clever.  Annoying. Rushed.  That’s what I was left with.  I can see it as a movie…. is that what she was anchoring for?

Anyway, sorry Margaret, you’re still one of my favourite authors… just not for this book.

So, what will you read?  A is for…..

3 thoughts on “– 4 – A is for Atwood, Margaret Atwood

  1. melissa says:

    thanks for your thoughts on this book – i was planning to read it soon! M.A is one of my favourites, too 🙂


  2. Just found you in your new home, lovely to stop by. Hope you enjoy it a lot!


  3. Cat says:

    Love this notion. And love the new look blog. x


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