– 3 – photo books


How do you keep your photographs?  Do you print them out? store them in a box? On a memory stick?

I used to print them out and put them into albums.  Religiously.  Compulsively some might  say.  Then with the advance of digital photography paper albums got quite hard to get by and expensive too.  So I started printing less photos but I wasn’t very happy with this edited version of my life.  Not happy with storing photos on an external hard drive… I mean, who ever goes and look at things stored on an external memory?  And THEN my laptop got stolen and I lost everything that was on it and hadn’t got around to save/print whatever.

(My brand new Orla Kiely bag got stolen too and that still stings).

Wake up call, peeps.

I started making photo books.  Easy to do and they take up no space whatsoever. Yes, they’re not cheap BUT if you pounce on the discount offers they become very affordable.


I’ve been using Photobox and find it very easy.  The books are very customisable, you can choose different sizes/shapes/colours/page layouts/add text, frames, pictures etc. etc.

They make great presents too.  And then when you die you can leave them all to your kids to make a great big bonfire at your wake.  If they so wish.


And the best thing? the memories are all preserved and you never get tired to go through them.  Never.


Even when your proof-reading skills are rubbish and consistency goes out of the window.  (Those brackets will annoy me FOREVER).