(I’ve started keeping my scissors and a yarn needle in this little  rose gold pouch from The Future Kept in my knitting bag.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  I think it’s supposed to be a keyring… but hey…)

Now that things are starting to quiet down a little (they quiet before the storm no doubt) I ran out of excused to myself about not finishing this project.

I hereby give you – drum roll, please – the first finish item of 2017.

Simple Tee, a Churchmouse pattern knitted in Quince and Co Chickadee.

(let’s just say the colour is… beige, could be ‘Chanterelle’, alas I’ve lost the bands so I have no idea of how many skeins I’ve used either… maybe 4? not many).


It’s not an earth shattering pattern but deceptively clever in its constructions and for once it fits really well.  I tend to knit things waaaaay too big for me and then pass them onto my sister .

Not this one.

This one is mine, all mine.

Useful little number.


What are you knitting? what’s on your needle/hook?  Do share.

5 thoughts on “– 5 – a simple tee

  1. Amy L says:

    That sweater looks perfect on you! Well done! I have a dishcloth on my needles. The pattern is hearts, the yarn is pink cotton. I hope to finish it by Valentine’s Day.


  2. Sue says:

    Looks great and I love the color. I have a Pink Cat Hat on my needles for the Womens March on Saturday.


  3. Deanna says:

    What a cool top! Makes me want to get my knitting mojo back. I crochet and have just finished a pink cat hat for my sister. Made one for myself too, but it ended up with HUGE ears — so going to unravel and re-do it.


  4. It is a lovely colour, and it looks really great on you!! A great first finish for 2017!


  5. That’s very pretty indeed. And a mighty attractive new website, too.


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