Let’s get down to business and try to catch up on all the going-ons around here.

This past weekend was a mad one.  It so happened that Mr M had reached a particularly significant mid-century landmark and had to be celebrated.  No matter how in denial one is, certain events must be acknowledged.  Right?

We had to buy extra chairs and extra crockery and cutlery… but all Mr M oldest friends squeezed around the tables till the wee small hours and it was a fabulous night.

It strikes me as somewhat funny that when you’re young and you’re having a party you always try to be older and grown-up… and then we’re you get ‘there’ you reverse the trend and play silly party games and let fire to indoor fireworks that burn the tablecloth… (I’m saying nothing…).

The 50 balloons dangled photos from Mr M’s full life and made the room all festive.


And there were streamers everywhere.  I love streamers.  Do you love streamers?  They remind me of being a a child in Italy and throwing them around in the streets at ‘Carnevale‘.

We also had a fabulous chef cooking for us (and who left the kitchen cleaner than we he’d arrived… bliss).  Galllimore Catering… if you’re in the area I highly recommend him.

On Saturday I got up early to hide the number of empties from the children (…ahem…) and bake the three (THREE!!) cakes that had been requested.  Thank god for Mary Berry.


From left to right I give you: sticky ginger and orange cake, crunchy lemon cake and the ultimate chocolate fudge cake.

They were good.

And Sunday we had another meal that lasted all afternoon with other friends.

Exhausting, let me tell you.

The recovery time gets longer with each year that swishes by….

3 thoughts on “– 2 – party time!

  1. Mary Ison says:

    I like your new look!


  2. Jacqui says:

    Love the photos on balloons – genius! Happy birthday to Mr M


  3. Claire says:

    The chocolate fudge cake is THE chocolate cake recipe i always return to…. I’ve been making it since my now 18year old daughter had her first birthday party. Love the new home. Happy birthday to your husband…I’m hurtling in that diection myself.


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