… welcome!  welcome to my new home… come in, sit down, grab a drink… oh be patient too… I’m still… ‘unpacking’ so to speak and it might be a while before things start functioning as they should.

Why did I move?

After ‘living’ for ten years in Typed-ville I felt the need of a change… a change of scenery, a new challenge.  I’m still trying to ‘decorate’ this place how I like it… it turns out I’m rubbish at this sort of things.  (Things keep disappearing on me?  and what on earth is a widget? sounds like a Harry Potter creature, which might as well be as far as I understand it)


Things will settle down.  Just be patient with me.

Have another cup of tea.

(you can find my old blog here:

6 thoughts on “– 1 – new home

  1. domesticali says:

    By George, I think you’ve done it! All looking most spiffy to me x


    1. … I had a shocking revelations of how little I know about this sort of stuff…


  2. Alison says:

    Looks lovely and fresh!


  3. Luca says:

    does this work mum?


  4. chezmagpie says:

    I’m here and it is all so stylish that I am definitely going to hang around!


  5. CJ says:

    Oh nice, very nice indeed. Thank you for having me. CJ xx


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