I finally found some dishwasher tablets that are not covered in plastic (even if it’s biodegradable it still ends up in the environment this time at microlevel). They’ve been very good so far but I’ve just opened the dishwasher and everything was very opaque and covered in a white/salty residue… mmmmhh

‘keep out of reach of children’ mine have declared it a reason not to use the dishwasher… whatevs..

Maybe a dud one? or maybe it’s because it had ran out of salt … (yes the rinse aid is ok.

I’m getting slightly obsessed with the news, Trump has banned flights from 26 Europear countries, Denmark and Ireland will shut their schools for a while. Italy is completely under lock down. What a strange feeling.

I walk around the streets and everything looks normal but it’s not. If I were a writer days like these ones would be the perfect intro for the next dystopian novel… “When the end came it was invisible. Silent. Nobody saw it coming, nobody paid attention, a few survived. Where they the lucky ones? or the unlucky?” What if this will seriously force a dramatic change in the way we live, what if the the freedom of movement we’ve enjoyed since the beginning of time it’s over. What if we need to learn, invent, discover a new way of being with each other because this thing will not go away?

I went to the supermarket to buy washing up liquid. One bottle. A refill. I also bought rice and lentils because they keep. I went to the dentist but I was nervous. I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I’m nervous about that too. I’m thinking of not sending No 3 to his hockey tournament, of stopping No 1 from visiting his friend down south this weekend. I’m thinking our family vacation to Palm Springs will be cancelled. And my college trip. And what about all the other events in the calendar? I hide my mind in books. I cooked my favourite comfort lunch of lentils and rice. I’m eyeing the last brownie in the tin.

How do you feel about it all?

The sun is shining.

My new shoes are extremely comfortable.

I’m drinking coffee.

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