I realise I haven’t been here for a while, but the world is going mad and I’m struggling to put coherent thoughts down.

The V-word… a tiny virus that is totally messing with our lives and forcing us to change how we operate from day to day. Where we live is not too bad (yet)… I think there has been one confirmed case last weekend in my town, which probably means there will be a lot more, but we’ve not been put into isolation nor quarantine or anything. Schools are open, people go to work… but there is an almost palpable unease in the air… the same air that could float an invisible something to make us ill.

The supermarket shelves are empty of pasta and toilette paper and soap… a) they virus doesn’t cause increased bathroom visits, so why? b) ok, pasta is great… but shouldn’t people by salt and sauce and cheese too? weird. c) didn’t people wash their hands before this outbreak? do they know that a soap bar lasts a looooong time? It beggars belief.

Also, how about less selfishness? Instead of buying soap why don’t people stay at home? I’ve told my parents to stay in. They do sneak out, I know…. you try telling a retired army general what to do! Also, I’m so relieved they’re not in Italy anymore.

Hope things are ok where you are.

I’m still keeping up with my running… I’m so very very slow and if it rains I don’t go out… but I’m sticking to it… and I’ve started to listen to podcasts instead of music, which is why I’m so slow, the music gives you a rhythm to stick to… (I need recommendations!) and here are two I’ve enjoyed:

  • BBC Sounds: Emma Barnnett interviews Dame Hilary Mantel
  • Open Book: 17th March, Max Porter, folk resurgence in literature and Angie Thomas on hiphop.

Talking of recommendations, if you’re stuck or bored, or both, with cooking dinner every damn evening… try the instagram account of Annasfamilykitchen. I’ve cooked so many things following her recipes recently and they never failed me. And I have fussy teenagers. Seriously, I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s been my saviour these past few weeks. Last night I did this chinese chicken/broccoli thing… which was delicious, even the broccoli got eaten… and they’re green!

One thought on “^^32/2020^^ randomly

  1. Alison P says:

    Podcast recommendations: A Good Read (Radio 4), The Guardian Books Podcast, How to Fail by Elizabeth Day, Fortunately with Jane Garvey and Fi Glover, The Bookseller podcast; the Slightly Foxed podcast, Saturday Review (Radio 4). I could go on…!

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