Day 3.

Hot. Even hotter because the sun came out and literally baked us because of course today was the day we choose to walk through the Imperial Palace Garden (you’re only allowed freely into a small portion of it, but it’s really pretty)… go us!

Funnily enough there weren’t many people out and about… only a few stewed tourists and the odd local who seemed totally unfazed.

Our destination was the National Museum of Modern Art or MOMAT.

Absolutely fantastic. Full of beautiful art from Japanese artists that had lived/painted/be inspired by the impressionists and Paris, modern art with a Japanese twist… and more… so many beautiful paintings…

I should have taken down the names… it’s really bad of me not to… I was just in awe… My absolute favourite was this one:

the photo doesn’t do it justice at all… but trust me you could hear the snow falling when you looked at it.. magical

This series of cormoran fishermen painted using only ink was incredible too. Must be seen in real life.

The building is awesome too, full on mid-century style

maybe not comfortable… but so beautiful

After this we opted for the artificial coolness of the air-conditioned subway and made our way to Shibuya to see the famous super busy road crossing.

absolutely crap photo… but you get the idea…

And then… once again we walked and walked and soaked the atmosphere…

Day 4.

We left the hotel late, jet lag caught up with us all bit style, and decided to take it easy in the crazy ‘Harajuku’ area… plenty of vintage clothes for the boys to trawl through… ( who said boys don’t like shopping?)

And just like that our Tokyo adventure was over… but plenty more is to come!

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