I was starting to beat myself up for not showing up here when I realised it would have been completely stupid. Blogging is meant to be a pleasure, a time-out activity, not a chore… so why should I beat myself up if I don’t do it? I’m certainly not getting paid for it! So I let go and just ‘was’ for a bit and it felt good. It’s been busy but don’t ask me to show anything for it… just life, and it’s enough.

I’m trying, trying being the operative word here, to get stuff ready for our big holiday to Japan but it’s the case of one step forward and two steps back. Two hours ago WHILE FOLDING SOCKS… my back went so now I’m walking around bent like an old woman and with a heat patch on my lower back. The exact the same thing that ruined my ski holiday two years ago. Talk about timings.

We celebrated No 3’s 14th birthday. (14yrs old, my baby, sigh). Family dinner with ‘nonna’s lasagna’. Can’t beat that. Here’s us, D-squad, unusually we all have our eyes open although my hair looks positively dodgy.

On Friday was my parents 50th wedding anniversary and my brother has flown in from South Sudan to celebrate a mass and spend some time with them. We haven’t seen him in a year so it’s a double celebration. Don’t tell him, it’ll go to his head.

No 2 is in mourning for the cancelling of Boardmasters music Festival due to bad weather; he’d been looking forward to this for over a year and him and his friends and completely gutted. It’s a real shame they didn’t get the chance to go. On top of that Instagram has inexplicably deleted his account so you can imagine how much he’s loving life at the moment.

Lilli the ferocious beast, is trying to eat a fly. Unsuccessfully. (And quite hilariously).

There’s a rugby match on tv so nobody is doing any packing for the next 80 minutes or so. Obviously. Sigh.

Did I mention my back hurts?

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