‘Wimbledon’ is as English as it’s possibly be… as English as strawberries and cream (sadly, I didn’t have any…) and Pimm’s (… ahem… moving on swiftly) and on a superbly sunny day like yesterday it was pretty glorious.

(It is, however, incredibly and anachronistically white/middle class English… not quite, not at all actually, a true representation of modern England the way that I see it… AND my blood got to boiling point when the army of grey haired/linen suits men in front of us upped and left after the Federer’s game and didn’t bother watching Serena Williams – female/black, take your pick – and that left a sour taste in my mouth).

If we can concentrate on the tennis though it was amazing. Speaking as someone that in the first two lessons, a couple of years ago, managed never to serve in the right box and got tennis elbows in BOTH elbows… I was in awe. How can anyone hit that little yellow ball at 147mph (the fastest serve we saw yesterday) and still make it go in the right place… is beyond comprehension.

Federer in action
I mean… haven’t they heard of umbrella stands?
delicious Pimm’s.
BUT … if Glastonbury can go plastic free… so should Wimbledon, don’t you think?
I was little bit glad not to be sitting in the full sun…
… check out the amount of people here for Roger (deservedly of course)…
… and for Serena… she only won it 7 times after all, I supposed…
… BUT she got Royal support so there!

so much fun.

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