Don’t ask me what possessed me to bake brownies first thing in the morning the other day… because I have no idea… I had eggs that needed to be used, I had children ready to eat them so I found myself melting butter and chocolate and trying not to drool in the pan

The recipe is from the big anthology of Delia Smith, which I don’t use much because it hasn’t got any pictures and I like to see what ‘something’ is supposed to look like at the end. I figure brownies would be ok though… I mean, brownies are… brown, quite flat, squidgy in the middle…

Anyway, the ingredients are in the photo above and here are the instructions. I omitted the nuts because they would have cause a riot.

Easy peasy. In the interest of disclosure, I think the amount of sugar is waaaay too much. I would literally used 50/80gr less next time. Don’t know what would happen to the ‘chemistry’ of the things, but we’ll see.

They are however, delicious. crunchy and chewy on the outside and moorishly (is that a word?) soft/gooey on the inside.

They didn’t last long.

They are definitely in the ‘to do again’ pile. Possibly after my ‘oh god I need to wear a swimming costume’ week in Greece… you know how it goes.

Do you have a favourite brownie recipe? a really dark chocolety flavoured brownie recipe… they’re all seem so sweet… do share!

One thought on “*97* brownies

  1. Yvonne Blair says:

    Peyton & Byrne British Brownies, definitely the best Brownies i have made and i have done a lot of research.
    Make with Greene and Blacks, their chocolate seems to taste less sweet and this recipe is one that both my children now at Uni wanted to take with them, it is v easy to make and everyone loves. I once took some to a Bonfire party and the host was so impressed he dug out a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem to go with them. What’s not to like!


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