Yes, you read correctly I actually made a quilt. In real life (as the boys used to say, when they were small and cute and still did as I asked them too). We’re on our last week of exams: A levels, GCSEs and end of year … all three boys are at it. It’s not pretty, folks.

Anyway… I give you a real life, baby quilt for a most gorgeous boy still small and cute.

Diego’s quilt

The crazy thing is that I still managed to make it without having to buy fabric and without leaving a visible dent to the fabric stash either, although in fairness people better start having girls now… there’s a lot of girlie stuff on those shelves.

I used some of my favourite… those goldfish with googly eyes.. and the cute cars… I’ve had those for years…

I only had enough for two square of the elephants one, but had to include it. The binding is a fabulous Anna Maria Horner fabric cut on the bias (go me!) and I’m particularly happy I had enough of it. It uplifts the whole thing, me thinks.

It is only a tiny quilt, 36″ by 36″ but I find that size useful for prams or carry on play mat when mine were little, about 467594935 million years ago.

AND it felt soooo good to be sewing again… I managed to make this up in just under three hours on Saturday afternoon and it was a wonderful, quiet way to spend my birthday (which was great by the way, everybody was super nice and I received thoughtful presents and cards from lots of people!). I didn’t even listen to the radio or a podcast… nothing. Silence and the hum of the sewing machine. Bliss.

My next project will the be Wiksten’ Shift. I printed out the pattern, stuck it all together and I just need to wash the fabric and before that decide which one to go for… I have a charcoal linen and a mid blue/denim linen… mmmhhhh decision decision… (I’ve used Jenny’s patterns before, they are brilliant and always fit well, and the instructions are super detailed, which is what I need!).

Wish me luck!

One thought on “*84* a baby quilt

  1. Carolyn says:

    happy birthday!!!! 🙂


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