So, sit down, how’s your fight against plastic going? It’s hard, isn’t it? As a family we have reduced the amount we use, that’s for sure… but there’s still so much at the end of the week… it’s kind of depressing.

But but but… small steps, right? I can’t remember last time I bought a water bottle, I’ve always got a refillable with me, I’m on my second jar of toothpaste AND on my second bar of shampoo (and converted one of the boys to use one too), so I’m trying, folks, I’m really trying,

oh… and I’ve bought a bamboo toothbrush.

My latest discover is this dental floss from georganics (the same brand as the toothpaste.

The packaging is totally recyclable, cardboard box, glass jar with tin lid… AND, it’s refillable, so next time you only need to buy the actual floss part. Genius.

Zero Waste.


Plastic Free

Cruelty Free


(I don’t understand why they say 100% Vegan though… I mean, if it’s only 90% Vegan… it’s just not Vegan right? or is it me?)

What’s not to like?

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