And breeeeath…

In the past 7 days I went out five evenings.

It’s was too much. Fabulous, all of it, but way too much. Maybe it’s my age but I need time to process things and recover now! I feel my brain is full from all the things I’ve seen, the conversations I’ve had… not to mention my body needs less food and more TLC.

I started yoga again and boys it feels good.

So, what’s been happening…

  • Three concerts at the Jazz Festival: Jamie Cullum (awesome as always), Gregory Porter (what a class act) and Katie Melua (magically delightful), and because of this last one I’ve been listening non stop to this song:

again… just like I did in 2004 when it first came out. (Can you believe this song is 15 years old??)

  • I also attended a night at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival. It was the most joyous occasion. It was funny, quirky, eccentric, moving. I didn’t know what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised. So much love for ‘words’. Fabulous. I feel I ought to mention the people I saw because they deserve a mention: the talented JPDL Urban Poetry, the hilarious Joy Amy Wigman and the crazy bonkers Professor Elemental. I will definitively attend again next year.
  • The cold weather is getting me down. I NEED some sun to warm my bones. As I type the rain is heavy and the sky dark grey. Truly miserable.
  • I’ve had to up my glasses prescription.
  • Tonight Mr M and I have our first Pilate session together. It’s quite a thought!
  • The boys have began their exams (A levels and GCSEs…), they’ve worked really really hard and I sincerely hope they go well for them. They also coped with the pressure remarkably maturely. (That if you don’t count a surreal berating I got from no 2 for the state of my Tupperware… that was… interesting… )
  • I have 4 books I need to share… where does the time go?
  • I have got a mountain of washing to do and two essays to finish, and two to write in the next few weeks. Stop holding me here!

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