Blogging is about sharing, right?

At times it does feel a little like I’m talking to myself, but generally speaking I think blogging is about talking to people and exchanging ideas and so today I’d like to mention a product that I discovered a few months ago and I’ve been using for just as long on a daily basis. (No, this is not an ad!)

I’m talking about this: Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant.

Deodorant in a jar. Genius.

First of all, I KNOW that us lady don’t sweat… but on those occasions we might gently perspire… (… ahem…)… it’s good to be prepared. I apply a small pea-size amount under the arms in the morning and voila’… sorted for the whole day. Even if I work out or go for a run… fresh as a daisy! (… and red as a pepper in case of a run…). Also, I’d like to point out that it is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant… but those are bad for you so don’t use them in any case, please. At first if might feel a bit strange to rub stuff on the armpits… but it takes two seconds and after a few days is no biggy.

It is a cream-to-powder formula, it’s not sticky at all and it has a really delicate, pleasant smell, although you can’t smell anything once it’s on. It’s not a body spray type thing. AND, of course, it’s aluminium free. Obvs.

Another thing I like is that the packaging is all recyclable, the jar is glass and the plastic lid is widely recyclable too. I’m having an increasing problem with the packaging of normal roll ons or spray deodorants.

You can find it on the Aurelia website here. It does seem expensive… but like I said it lasts for months so I actually think it’s pretty good value. (I’m a huge fan of all their products!)

There are other cream deodorants out there, of course this is not the only one (I sound like a BBC disclaimer!) but this is the only one I tried and I’m a total convert. And there are plenty of ‘recipes’ to do it yourself on the internet, if you’re that inclined too.

Try it! Go on, be brave!!

One thought on “*9* wellbeing

  1. Laura says:

    Well, I will consider it; but they must be good because they are out of stock on the website 🙂


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