What would you do if you won an obscene amount of money?


Let’s imagine you won the lottery… and you’ve sorted out your nearest and dearest, your favourite charities, and the nice neighbour that always water your plants etc. etc…. and you still had a whole sack load of money left over…

(And you bought a really really nice handbag. And shoes).

What would you do?

Well, me… aside from hiring Bruce Springsteen to sing for me on my next birthday… (indulge me here) …. me… I would buy this house:

This is 1011 Cielo Dr, Palm Springs, and I know exactly where it is because we rented a house just nearby last year, when we’re out there with the boys, and I passed this beauty in my morning walks. The hills are just behind it, and you can hike and (watch out for snakes apparently) this is the view from the top.

I took the next three photos last April.

And that’s the house… I remember exactly thinking how amazing would be to drink coffee on that terrace in the morning…

I think it’s a sign. I’ll buy a ticket tomorrow, shall I?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know of my love for midcentury architecture and let me tell you… this is a gem.

It is called ‘The Alexander Residence” and was built in 1955, designed by the Architect Walter S White for the famous psychoanalyst Dr Franz Alexander, and it’s now part of the National Register of Historical Places. As it should be. And it’s for sale. And I didn’t have the winning lottery ticket.

This is what it looked when it way back then. Perfection. Nothing to add, nothing to take away.

There are tons of photos out there and I can’t find anything that I don’t like (ok the bathrooms are not my favourite… but that’s easy to sort out, bathrooms, schmathrooms).

And before you start thinking I’m totally deranged and I should be doing something more productive with my time, I’ll have you know that I’ve just finished two hours of ironing, and it wasn’t me that found it… I wasn’t the one ‘surfing’… (I was ironing, remember?)… it was Mr M… yes.

He’s terribly mean. He likes to torture me with stuff like this.

Maybe he should be doing the ironing next time.

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